Goodlettsville Tn May Be Small But It Has A Few Hidden Gems

Have you ever heard of Goodlettsville TN? If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t. It’s not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the great state of Tennessee. However, it still has a few interesting stops you may find interesting should you ever find yourself in the area.

One reason you’ve never heard of Goodlettsville is because it’s a pretty small city. As of 2015, the city is estimated to only have a population of around 16,000. As is typical with most cities of this size, there isn’t a lot to do there. But there is one neat little aspect to the city that country music lovers, especially those who love old time country music, may find interesting. That’s the Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens.

Because of its close proximity to Nashville, several country music performers have made their way to Goodlettsville at one time or another. Many of them eventually called the city home and were buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens on their passing. The cemetery has a section dedicated to these performers that is called “Music Row”. Three of the musicians buried there died in a plane crash that took Patsy Cline’s life in 1963.Some of the notable names there are:

– Lloyd Cowboy Copas
– Hawshaw Hawkins
– Randy Hughes

If hanging around cemeteries isn’t something you’d like to do(and who could blame you), maybe you’d prefer checking out some antique stores. This may be the second thing Goodlettsville is best known for. The antique stores are everywhere. One of the better antique locations found there is The Rare Bird Antique Mall.

The Rare Bird Antique Mall is a large building housing hundreds of vendors all hawking their antique wares. Most antique stores of this type are notorious for their high pricing, but here, most prices are fairly reasonable. That’s probably what makes this one of the favorite antique establishments in town.

Apartment finder goodlettsville tn is like most small towns. There’s not a lot of things to do there, but as you’ve learned above, the city does have a few hidden gems you may want to consider if you ever find yourself passing through on your way to Nashville.